STUDIO41b installs TRAPPED BELOW in San Antonio

Studio41b recently installed TRAPPED BELOW, a mine shaft themed escape room, at Extreme Escape in San Antonio, TX. Players ride an elevator down into an old, abandoned mine in search of a priceless treasure that John D. Rockefeller is reported to have hidden there. It’s a 60 minute experience that involves a mysterious diary entry, a rickety old elevator, busted pipes leaking gas and many other secrets contained deep within the Coalcot Mine. This room is getting rave reviews on TripAdvisor, including this one:

“We Survived the Coal Mine!”
“So much fun! Did the room with my friends! Lots of fun twists and turns to the adventure! We were lucky enough to be the first people to experience the new room Trapped Below! We enjoyed the elevator part. We worked together and got out! It was detailed and felt like a real mine! So much fun!”