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Real Escape Games have become a huge phenomenon around the world, a new kind of entertainment that confines a group of players together. They must gather clues, solve riddles, and figure out puzzles in order to escape before time runs out.

Escape Rooms are a real challenge, pitting the wit and skill of the group against the clock. Players need to work as a team, communicating and making fast decisions to complete the enigmatic mysteries of the room. This makes Real Escape Games a perfect team-building exercise, whether it’s a bunch of friends, family, or a corporate group. Escape Rooms are innovative, engaging, and best of all, fun!

Escape Rooms Promote Teamwork

Escape Rooms involve teamwork, communication, critical thinking, and attention to detail. They can be played by a wide age range of players, and good teams consist of participants with a variety of knowledge, skills, and experience. Real Escape Games create ways for players to directly connect with one another by placing them in a physical fantasy world containing challenges and engagement opportunities.

Developed as an adventure the creator could then invite other people to take part in, Escape Rooms have become a hit concept all over the world, with more than 2,800 rooms worldwide. America’s first Escape Room opened with an investment of $7,000 and had a 2015 gross of over $600,000, while a notable example in Texas has monthly revenues of $70,000.

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