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Studio41b is a company built on two key principles, creativity and innovation. We have a passion for designing and developing imaginative environments and cutting edge products. Our desire is to not only deliver inventive products and solutions, but to also help our clients have a fun experience along the way.

Studio41b offers a wide variety of products and services, such as Escape Rooms, Laser Tag Arenas, Attraction Development, Scenic Design, along with Architectural Elements & Signage.

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STUDIO41b installs TRAPPED BELOW in San Antonio


The new OVALZ Series Ceiling Element by Studio41b, a beautiful and affordable way to enhance yourspace!

Escape Room Designers and More

We here at Studio41b enjoy being a part of the design, development, and fabrication of things that can capture the imagination and transport people to other worlds. Our portfolio includes a wide variety of retail and entertainment projects with prominent companies such as: AMF Bowling Centers, Cabela’s, Main Event Entertainment, Marriot Hotels, PepsiCo, Rainforest Café, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Wilderness at the Smokies Resort, and many others.

Studio41b combines a passion for design with a strong sense of creativity, innovation, and fun. Together, the Studio41b staff creates memorable themed experiences that transform the mind and transport the spirit!

Studio41b has helped developed solutions for many family entertainment centers and theme parks throughout the United States. We have the ability to design any theming and attractions you might need for your FEC, such as escape rooms and laser tag arenas, and our skilled artists and builders ensure that our fabrication is second-to-none. We are also known for our architectural elements, whether you need ceiling element, sidewall elements, or anything else needed to compliment your scenic design.

Creative Escape Room Designers

Studio41b is proud to offer our new escape rooms. We offer an array of already-developed conceptual escape rooms to choose from, or if you have an idea of your own, the accomplished artists and fabrication experts at Studio41b will build an exceptional real escape game for you. Escape rooms have become a huge phenomenon around the world, a new subset of attractions that confine a group of players together where they must gather clues, solve riddles, and figure out puzzles in order to make their escape before time runs out.

Challenging Escape Room Designers

Escape rooms are a real challenge, involving teamwork, communication, critical thinking, and attention to detail. Pitting the wit and skill of the group of players against the clock, they must communicate and make fast decisions to complete the enigmatic mysteries of the room. Escape Rooms can be played by a wide age range of players, and create ways for people to directly connect with one another by placing them in a physical fantasy world containing challenges and engagement opportunities. This makes escape rooms a perfect attraction for your family entertainment center. Studio41b offers an amazing array of pre-conceptualized escape rooms to choose from, and are excited to work with you on a design of your own.

With our specialization in the design and fabrication of custom laser tag arenas, Studio41b’s immersive gaming environments are the best you will find. From the façade to the arena, the level of theming and fabrication that go into our laser tag arenas are second -to-none. Our laser tag effects packages make any laser tag arena an even more immersive experience, all at a competitive price that fits within most FEC budgets. Studio41b’s laser tag arenas are a great attraction addition for your family entertainment center or theme park.

If you need architectural elements for your FEC or theme park, whether it’s ceiling elements, sidewall elements, or signage, we can provide everything you need. Studio41b offers a wide selection of custom architectural elements to enhance any location. From lobby sculptures to signage, our architectural elements are sure to add to the scenic design or theming of your facility. Take an ordinary space and maximize your guest’s experience with Studio41b’s ceiling elements, sidewall elements, and signage. As with everything made by Studio41b, the design and fabrication of our architectural elements and signage are top-notch.

Scenic design and theming lie at the very heart of our extensive design and fabrication expertise. Our accomplished team of artist, designers, engineers, and tradesmen ensure that we can design and fabricate creative and inviting experiences for any space. From food service and hospitality venues to museums and educational facilities, family entertainment centers and theme parks to anyplace else that may have need of our creative theming, scenic design, or attractions development needs, we can design and fabricate just about anything you can dream up.

Need custom theming or scenic design for your FEC or theme park? Curious about the value one of our escape rooms or a laser tag arena can add to your family entertainment center, or maybe what other attractions we can help create to bring revenue to your establishment? Want to enhance your space with some custom ceiling elements, wall elements or signage? Then trust in our exceptional design and fabrication team and let us help you answer the question: What can Studio41b make for you?

Some of our clients:

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What our clients are saying:

“Fantastic Family Activity – Teamwork Baby”

Who would have though you could be challenged and have fun for an hour. We did the Trapped Below coal mine treasure escape and my three kids (9, 15, 19 years old) walked out saying it was awesome and well worth the time and money. Thanks from Minnesota, spring break 2017

– TripAdvisor Member

“Awesome Escape”

We just did Trapped Below and it was nothing like the other escape rooms we’ve done. Very cool room! Would definitely recommend!

– Cheryll S

“Trapped Below and Made It”

This was an awesome escape room. We were very impressed with the design and the special effects of the room. It was very fun and challenging, will be going back for more rooms.

– Sheen L

“We Survived the Coal Mine!”

So much fun! Did the room with my friends! Lots of fun twists and turns to the adventure! We were lucky enough to be the first people to experience the new room, Trapped Below! We enjoyed the elevator part. We worked together and got out! It was detailed and felt like a real mine! So much fun!

– Caitlyn P

What can STUDIO41b make for you?

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